I want to do it. At the beginning of summer i was pretty bummed because I did not get the internship that i really wanted. Well, it still sucks but things are looking up. (more on that at a later date)

But, I want to do some traveling this summer. I want to go somewhere. That somewhere? Canada. I was just there last year and it was cool. I enjoyed it. I have family there in Ottawa and Toronto, so over the years I’ve been up there pretty frequently, well at least to Ottawa. The thing is though, its kinda a family thing, so we go from house to house over the course of a few days and eat and catch up or whatever else. Its never a bye bitches I’m leaving going out somewhere. I didn’t even know  downtown Ottawa existed with all the restaurants and bars and all the good shit that i actually care about until the last time i was there. So, i need to go there an enjoy. My cousins who live there though are pretty lame. Theres probably one or two people that i know i could probably go out with while I’m there (an older cousin, emphasis on old. In hers 40’s if not older but she’s cool as shit, and a family friend.) The rest are younger and lame, or older with young kids and they not about that life. 

The next best option, well really the better option, just more expensive since ill want to stay at a hotel is Toronto. I have family there but we really never go there. I remember we drove there once from NY and that was brutal. The other time we drove there from Ottawa and the time I went by myself I flew in for a UN(United Nations) conference. I dig Toronto though I must say. Its reminds me of NY in many ways and its just so chill. Its one of those places that if i ever decided to leave NY and go somewhere i would consider moving there. I don’t remember who lives there now, but does it doesn’t matter. I can roam solo dolo through Toronto i don’t mind.

Something i’m semi hoping happens is a family vacation. Not so much because I enjoy my family that much that I want to go somewhere with them for a few days, but because they pay for everything. Hotel, food, car(s), some shopping, everything. How can i say no to that? “Oh you want to go somewhere cool and take me with and you’re gonna pay? Hold on let me go pack my bags.” My mother threw out going to DC for a few days. Ive been to DC once and that was back when i was a young lad in the 8th grade. It was a community service trip, so the 5 days that we were there, we did shit for the community. It was cool even though we didn’t see DC like a tourist. This is more lets go be a tourist type deal which i presume is cool. I want to see the normal side of DC though. Now that I’m older i can appreciate it more. Who knows might even see Wale at a club or something. (Not a fan of him btw. Just want to make that known.)

These are more immediate travel goals. Ultimately I want to make it out to Cali because well its Cali. Couple other places in the US that i want to visit as well. Im staying away from Europe for now until they get they shit together. I will visit Germany though because cars! Thats still a couple years out though. I do have a family friend who has a place in Milan though. Hmm maybe i might go visit after all.