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To live is to choose. But to choose well, you must know who you are
and what you stand for, where you want to
go and why you want to get there. ~Kofi Annan

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The Circle of Life

A few weeks ago my cousin died. It was sad the whole thing, but then something happened shortly after. A person very close to me who i love dearly and hope to have around for a very long time, will hopefully-if things go well-be around for a long time. 

This person was sick, terminally sick. Renal failure. After 6+ years this person got a transplant and is doing very very well. Of note this person received the transplant from a child who was tragically hit by a car. Life is interesting like that. One person dies, another gets a new chance at life. Watching lion King for all those years was never as relevant to me as it was within the past few weeks. 

Im grateful for everything. The good news is I have an internship and its keeping me very busy. The opportunity to be doing what I’m doing and actually making a difference and learning at the same time is something I’m very fortunate to have. The people, well person who played an integral part in even making this internship happen I’m forever grateful to have. Just the past month or so has just taught me to be grateful. For everything and everyone. 

I’m at peace. Busy but at peace. Go hug someone you love today. They’ll appreciate it. 

Took this last year when I went to Philly for spring break. It was pretty gloomy that day, but overall it was a very good few days. Happy Valentines day to all. I hope you all get laid. :-)

Took this last year when I went to Philly for spring break. It was pretty gloomy that day, but overall it was a very good few days. Happy Valentines day to all. I hope you all get laid. :-)

"Love is cursed by monogamy" Kanye West- No Church In The Wild

Was in philosophy yesterday and towards the end of class my professor mentioned to me that he was at a party over the weekend, and No Church In The Wild came on and he heard the line and thought of me. And he asked me if thats the prevailing wisdom these days governing society because Kanye is kind of a big deal within the greater context of pop culture. I told him that it isn’t and that for many people, they believe in or want to believe in the concept of strict monogamy, but that the idea of or the fallacy of monogamy and love needing to be interconnected in order for love to be true is not a new idea and certainly not original to Kanye. Proof being this article about Dan Savage where he talks about the idea of monogamy in culture and how it’s problematic. To this he said that’s an interesting idea and it really speaks to what is currently happening in society now with all the divorces that occur due to cheating and it could very well be a solution to said problem. 

Was interesting he told me that because on Sunday I had a very long talk with a very good female friend of mine about cheating, and how she doesn’t want what’s happened to other peoples relationships once cheating is discovered to happen in mine. Pretty close to some of these people and one of them the situation(s) are pretty relevant to me so it was an interesting talk. Now I have cheated in the past and for Lord knows for whatever reason where still together through everything, but we’ve, well I should say I have been pretty good for a long time.

But I have in some regards I’m somewhat understanding of cheaters to some degree simply because the fully story of the why isn’t always known, and I think the why is very very important. Granted other times the why doesn’t matter at all, it’s just wrong. Such as John Edwards being the person he is. Wife has cancer and your out fucking some broad and have a baby with said broad…Really bro? Anyway… in society it just seems that it doesn’t matter why you did it, just the fact that you did is grounds enough to be ostracized and put in this special class of people. The scum of the earth, no good trifling bastards, all that is wrong with society. WHY?! I don’t get it.

Now I don’t advocate cheating or a having a non monogamous relationship because who the fuck am I, you do what you want with your life. But I mean the conversation should at the very least be had with your partner or potential partner. I’ve come to learn over the years not even in just my relationship but with others as well, the importance of discussing expectations and what you both want to get from the relationship. Monogamy is still very real for some people and it works for them, but it shouldn’t be the absolute end of the world if your partner cheats. Sometimes the relationship wasn’t gonna work anyway and it just had to end. Shit happens is all.